High-quality and fast dry cleaning of furniture - choose and order

High-quality and fast dry cleaning of furniture - choose and order

Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture with home delivery - call the masters

Over the years of service, household items lose their cleanliness

An unpleasant smell and complex stains spoil the mood and cause discomfort. It is a shame to throw away upholstered furniture. It is not possible to put them in order on your own
Professional on-site dry cleaning eliminates this problem
Specialists of the cleaning company use high-quality chemicals for disinfection and stain removal during their work. Products are cleaned using modern equipment
Cleaning service is provided at your home. In order to get rid of furniture items from domestic pollution, you don't need to take them anywhere

Is it possible to do without dry cleaning?

It has been scientifically proven that a couch or bed bed accumulates up to one kilogram of dust per year. Less dirt accumulates in armchairs and chairs. But even in this case, the problem cannot be solved without cleaning
The situation is the same with house parasites — they cannot be sucked up by the most powerful household vacuum cleaner. It is useless to try to kill them with sub-zero temperatures. The saprophytes themselves will die in the cold. Tick allergens will not go anywhere. Dry cleaning of curtains, carpets, mattresses, sofas can help solve the problem and get rid of dust mites. We also carry out other types of dry cleaning. The procedure is especially important in homes where small children and people with allergies live

Away dry cleaning

After prior agreement, our specialists come to the customer. The scope of work depends on the presence or absence of local pollution. If there are no stains
Small garbage, crumbs are removed with a vacuum cleaner
Detergent is added to the vacuum cleaner tank
Process the furniture several times until clear water
A stain remover is applied to local contamination beforehand. Next, the surfaces are vacuumed to remove dust. In the case of dry cleaning of leather furniture, emulsifiers and wax are applied to the upholstery
Craftsmen use an American cleaning vacuum cleaner and a German steam cleaner. The devices are equipped with the necessary nozzles and are designed for many hours of intensive work

Cleaning methods are selected individually for each product

It is recommended to clean upholstered furniture once a year, if there are no small children, allergy sufferers, or animals in the apartment. In other cases, professional treatment once every six months is optimal
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