How do we work

How do we work

Dry cleaning at home is the best solution to the problem
Advantages of professional dry cleaning To invite specialists to your home is convenient and suitable for everyone without exception. The price of cleaning services is affordable, the time is agreed in advance with the customer

Among other advantages:


Use of special equipment, detergents. The equipment and chemistry will qualitatively clean the products from all types of contamination


Security. Residues of chemicals are completely washed away without leaving an odor


Impeccable appearance of furniture. Cleaning is performed with mild solvents that do not damage the upholstery


There is no need for additional drying. After cleaning, no moisture remains, household items are dried inside and out


No dependence on the season. Dry cleaning can be done in winter, summer and off-season

Our specialists arrive at a time convenient for the owners, providing:

quality and reliability of dry cleaning at home - the work is performed by craftsmen with appropriate qualifications, skills and practical experience
efficiency - one call is enough to call the brigade
versatility of on-site dry cleaning – destruction of various types of contamination, including food stains, garbage, dirt, dust, paint, felt-tip pens and ink
saving time, nerves and money - no need to transport bulky furniture, get nervous trying to clean it yourself without success
no extra costs in the budget – there is no need to change upholstery or buy new household items
acceptable cost - prices are discussed in advance, payment after the order is completed in cash or by bank card
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